Kimi ga Iru (Kimura Takuya Solo)




Furikaereba itsudatte

kawaranu kimi no egao ga atta

Arukitsukare tachidomaru hi mo

Chiisa na yorokobi no hi mo

Kono ryôte ni kakaekirenai

Ai wo oshiete kureta

Atatakaku sotto yasashiku

Yomigaeru kaze wa

Mada ano hi no mama no mabushisa de

A~fukinukete yuku yo


Uragiru koto no tsumibukasa wo

Shinjiaeru koto no tsuyosa wo

Kazoekirenu hiru to yoru wo

Mune ni shimatte yukô


Wakare to deai no michi wo

Kizu tsukinagara bokura wa aruiteyuku n dane


Atatakaku sotto yasashiku

Yomigaeru kaze wa

ima hitori sora wo mitsumeteru

Boku ni hohoendeiru

Mada ano hi no mama no mabushisa de

Te wo futteiru

Kimi wa everlasting memory



Am I right?
Or am I wrong?
Tell the truth, I spend the days struggling.
However, you held all of them,
And you said " both of them are you".

You are a little girl, but my big universe. Thank you .
You love me although I am not faithful.

I'm alright now. At last I noticed it.
Nothing I had, there is you , you are here.

I tried to catch something, hurting you and passing through.

But you smile and say "Please live that you want to "
And then you cried.

The shining future is you looking down. Im sorry.

Dream and days, I took my excuses.

I am all right already.
Just two of us , at last.

The place I looked for , there is you , you are here.
So I keep living ,even one second and one day longer.

I want to return to you .Your smile and the time you have lost.

You are a little girl. but my big universe, thank you.
You taught me that love is wonderful.

I'm all right now.
I 'll never let you go.

When I arrive, there is you, you are here , in my heart

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